Transitions: Know Your Inner Goddesses

TRANSITIONS: A Mythic Sisterhood
with Lianne Escher, MSW, LCSW, psychotherapist, author, speaker.

Discover the 7 Greek Goddesses who mentor us into new aspects of personal power throughout each stage of our lives. They share their strengths and limitations: when to sacrifice or to set boundaries, to commit, take action, persevere, become independent and wise. Yes! There’s a lover-girl too! Who stands on your threshold now? Let our stories interweave with theirs – magic!

April 25 – PERSEPHONE – a lightning rod for disaster finds seeds of strength in her underworld
May 2 – DEMETER – the nurturer, finally pregnant with her own possibilities
May 9 – APHRODITE – the lusty lover girl moves beyond the boudoir
MAY 16 – HERA – the homefront heroine, swims in the tidal currents of commitment
MAY 23 – ATHENA – career woman becomes a change maker by incorporating feminine values
MAY 30 – ARTEMIS – our kick ass sister becomes a team player
JUNE 6 – HESTIA – intuitive visionary – an introvert who finds a persona

Refreshments, Reserve a space. Thursdays, 7:00pm – 8:30, beginning April 25.
Drop-In $25 per session. OR $150 for 7 sessions paid in advance.

Contact: Lianne Escher, MSW, LCSW, 203-457-0016.

WHERE? BSK Design at the Greene Gallery, 29 Whitfield ST, behind Chapter One Restaurant.

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