WE’RE HAVING A PARTY! It can’t happen without you! Please say ‘Yes’ that you’ll come!

Where? BSK Design at The Greene Gallery, 29 Whitfield St. on the Guilford Green. Saturday, Nov. 9, 5pm.

Are you an evolutionary woman pushing 30, staring down 50, or slaying it at 80?

Seven Greek Goddesses have it all figured out! And they stand at your threshold to mentor you through each life phase, bringing on another aspect of personal power.

Come celebrate the the publication of A Mythic Sisterhood: The Goddess Way to Courage, Clarity and Grace by Lianne Escher, and discover the goddesses who inspire us with their strengths and savvy coping skills – as relevant today as they were when Aphrodite charmed the Gods and Artemis lived by her wits and physical prowess.

There is authoritative and witty, writing here, with an abundance of anecdotes and exercises to help you forge ahead with creativity, responsibility, commitment, purpose, introspection, sensuality and action. Life has a way of challenging you to reconfigure your life choices every 10 to 15 years. So dare yourself to let go of outdated habits and consider new patterns.

AND, beginning Thursday, Nov. 14, from 6:30-8:30 at BSK Design there will be a 7-week workshop on the joys and challenges of living with these archetypes. How do they deepen the meaning of your life stages, and did they cause chaos? What were your transitions like? Who’s next on your list? One goddess will be showcased per evening so bring your stories and be ready to share – it’s magic! Drop-in for $25 or $125 for all seven, paid in advance. Refreshments. Call Lianne Escher, 203-506-6381 to reserve your seat in the circle, or

A Mythic Sisterhood
The Goddess Way to Courage, Clarity & Grace
By Lianne Escher, MSW
194 pages, 6×9 paperback
Color Illustrations, Bibliography
$21.99 +tax/shipping

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