Welcome to My New Website!

Welcome to my new website! It has come into being through my love of the seven Goddesses who inspire and mentor us in taking on aspects of our personal power — and the women who meet these challenges along the way to wholeness. Let’s celebrate ourselves with lusty Aphrodite during this month of the Valentine with red hearts for heat, flowers for perfuming the air around us, and chocolate! Learn more about Aphrodite and her mythic sisterhood here on my new website.

You’ll see my book, A MYTHIC SISTERHOOD, is available for sale here online. It’s also available BSK at the Green Gallery and Breakwater Books in Guilford, CT, at Lark in Chester CT, and Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I’ve written this book for you after listening, as a psychotherapist, to how we move through our life’s transitions and deepen each stage. Whether pushing 30, staring down 50, zooming past 70, as evolutionary women we are reinventing ourselves every 10 or 15 years, reconfiguring our life choices and who we want to become. As you take in each goddess’s strengths and limitations you’ll find compelling exercises, examples and anecdotes, wit and wisdom. Find out what else is possible for you!

Stay tuned for announcements about the goddess gatherings. They are seven evenings, one goddess per evening, when we share stories of when and how we managed the energies each brought across our threshold. Who stands on yours now?

A new sanctuary, Rockrimmon Retreats, is an intimate place for workshops and sacred play, hosted by visiting writers, artists, healers and those looking for a serene place to share their strengths with others.

Get to know all of the goddesses through A MYTHIC SISTERHOOD, then come back to this website often to stay in touch with their stories, our gatherings and retreats!

Click here to sign up for news on upcoming book events, workshops, and retreats!

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