Persephone — These Abnormal Days

Time to Shut Down the Barbecue by Lianne Escher

These days ARE abnormal! Any time Persephone’s movement in the world is limited, frustration sets in. How is she going to stretch herself further out into the world? Such is the challenge for this youngest goddess. It’s not just her parents with rules and regulations – it’s the whole government setting restrictions on her freedoms!

Once the teeth-gnashing, stamping of feet and declarations of this impoverished life have been acknowledged, what action can she take? After all, her right of passage into adulthood is predicated on having ‘choice’ over new experiences. But she can’t find them. Slowly she’s learning that her freedom to move about town must be balanced against the real possibility of causing her grandparents, or others, to become ill – this virus is invisible, sneaky and lethal. Life was not supposed to go this way this summer. She’ll be grounded without her phone if she dares to run out to see the guy she was flirting with all year in class.

OK. Once some strong feelings are expressed, what DOES Persephone have control over? How can she adapt to this particular challenge? Make it meaningful? Pivot to make this situation hers?

How about a self-analysis?

  1. What are your skills? What did you learn about yourself in the volunteer program at the local animal shelter, or chorus at school, or acting camp last year? What excited you about school, about reaching out to new people?
  2. Is your internship interrupted? Could you continue to participate in that business somehow to keep up your interest and show your passion to the leaders? At the very least, don’t forget to continue with your outreach. Keep your network informed of your challenges and successes through these more difficult times. Build up that fantastic profile!
  3. Craft a Corona Virus Story. Journal, write poems, paint or draw, make music. Put up a website, invite others to express themselves. Support one another. Learn to sew. Make masks to leave on street corners.
  4. Celebrate yourself! Appreciate others! Be thankful…

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