The Goddess Gatherings cross the ZOOM threshold

The Goddess Gatherings cross the ZOOM threshold
with Lianne Escher, author, A Mythic Sisterhood

For seven consecutive weeks beginning Thursday, July 30 at 7pm (eastern), we’ll meet the seven goddesses of the mythic sisterhood — Persephone, Demeter, Aphrodite, Hera, Athena, Artemis and Hestia — sharing their stories and ours via evening Zoom Goddess Gatherings.

These remarkably relevant forces tromp through our life phases, often creating challenges and chaos, then mentor us into another aspect of personal power. No wonder that life often feels like a one-woman play and we’re trying to pick up cues! As these inspiring archetypes emerge, they shift outdated patterns, clear out old habits, show us what else is possible.

Grab your favorite refreshments and join us on Zoom. Share some laughs as we tell the life stories that can still make us gasp for breath. As we explore the goddesses’ strengths and limitations and intermingle our own stories with those of these awesome archetypes – magic happens!

The Goddess Gatherings begin with Persephone – a lightning rod for disaster who finds seeds of strength in her Underworld. There IS ‘meaning’ to all our disasters! But what is it? How did Persephone deepen your experience of those teenage/young adult years? How did she help you to come up from your Underworld?

Each Gathering will run one or 1 ½ hours. Upon payment, you’ll receive a link to the scheduled Zoom session. (For women only! Sorry guys, but you could pass this on to someone you love!)

Email for more information or sign up below!

$25.00 per session
Sign up for all 7 now and get a FREE copy of my book The Goddess Way to Courage, Clarity & Grace.

The Goddess Gatherings:
Persephone (July 30)

The Goddess Gatherings
(all 7 sessions)

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