POSTPONED The Goddess Gatherings, Demeter

Meet the seven goddesses of the mythic sisterhood — Persephone, Demeter, Aphrodite, Hera, Athena, Artemis and Hestia — sharing their stories and ours via evening Zoom Goddess Gatherings.

The Goddess Gatherings: Demeter
With Lianne Escher, author, A Mythic Sisterhood

Open-heartedness, sacrifice for others, nurturer – beautiful characteristics that all weigh heavily in Goddess Demeter’s life. How does Demeter’s energy fill and keep your own cup over-flowing, especially during these dark times? Being pregnant with your own possibilities, how do you nourish those possibilities and keep them growing? Your answers are key to your Personal Power, and others will benefit from your sharing.

$25.00 per session. Each Gathering will run one or 1 ½ hours. Upon payment, you’ll receive a link to the scheduled Zoom session. (For women only! Sorry guys, but you could pass this on to someone you love!)

Email Lianne for more information or sign up below!

The Goddess Gatherings:
Demeter (August 6)

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