Lianne Escher

My interest in painting came from a desire for more color in my creative life. Sculpting in stoneware clay wasn’t doing it for me. I’ve studied painting for 25 years, in New York and New Mexico with several accomplished contemporary masters in their respective studios. I began to see a narrative structure emerge on the canvas with which to dialogue. Gaining confidence, I really liked moving the vibrant colors around and became freer on the canvas. This began a love affair with Plein Air painting in oils.

Shifting to acrylic paints has begun to refocus my canvas work. With oils, I could take time to think, adjust and reconsider every mark, stand back, set the canvas aside for another session. With acrylic, my style is definitely abstract, expressive and fast. A favorite new haunt of mine is the local hardware store where I peruse the aisles looking for odd shaped metals and screens to etch and scrape with. Currently I’m working with lighter colors, more value contrasts and variation in textures. Nature is still my inspiration, yet I’m exploring with a lighter touch.

I will be working with a more intuitive, explorative approach. As my work has evolved, so have I. Always a risk-taker, I love experimenting, asking myself ‘What else is possible’. “What beauty can I create to add to this world? (a very subjective issue).” “If I add this color to that, what will I get?” “If I follow this line or add another layer of transparent color there, what will happen?” I’m also interested in exploring the sense of space on a canvas. Do I cover the whole canvas which can tend to shut out a viewer, or leave more space on the canvas for the viewer to enter and for the eye to wander around in. Perhaps I’ll work in a series – never done that before.

I get great pleasure in watching people’s response when they ‘get’ what I’m trying to convey.

I head to the studio with the faintest of dream fragments. Thus begins another dialogue with Self.

As a psychotherapist, I’ve had a diverse practice spanning more than 40 years.

I earned my Master’s Degree in Social Work from Smith College, followed by developing and teaching a course in human sexuality at Yale. To refresh my perspective, I travel and study with the world’s foremost teachers and healers.

Having seen how the goddesses cause chaos at our Crossroads and then mentor us into our next phase, I’ve written a book, A Mythic Sisterhood – The Goddess Way to Courage, Clarity and Grace.

The opportunities to fall into the Underworld are endless – at school, during marriage, childbearing, divorce, work and career, sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. At each juncture a different goddess came to my rescue, suggested I shift some old patterns and beliefs while laying down new templates to explore other aspects of my personal power.

I thank: Artemis for sass and my renegade spirit (I raced sports cars in college), Aphrodite for sex appeal (enough said), Persephone for resilience (I eventually climbed out of the lost and found drawer), Demeter for knowing how to nurture family, friends and clients, Hera for holding onto some traditional values (how to handle difficult men), Athena for the guts and business savvy to succeed in my profession, and Hestia for teaching me how to stay centered while living my vision. I’m avid about my career, have intense curiosity, and an active Artemis nature.

They all continue to inspire me to explore various healing modalities with experts in many cultures: energy healing, past life regression, work with brain waves for deep relaxation, and dream interpretation to tap into the unconscious. I gave up on perfection long ago. I’d rather take risks, learn to laugh at my mistakes, explore my possibilities and become more whole.

May a Goddess be with YOU!