What Readers Say…

“Lianne Escher has broken down the contemporary female experience to seven goddess archetypes for the purposes of deepening self-understanding, promoting healing and providing a map of the soul that women can use to find their way through these beguiling times.” — Mark Borax, Author, 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future

A Mythic Sisterhood is a guide for every woman seeking access to inner wisdom. The Seven Goddesses speak to the demands of inner growth, love, family, career and all aspects of life. The empowerment of the Sacred Feminine is for everyone.” — Dr. Synthia Andrews, ND, Author, The Path of Presence

“In reading Lianne Escher’s Book A Mythic Sisterhood, and considering the power each goddess imparts to my life, I am reminded of my own divine nature and infinite wisdom.” — Carole E., CT

“Author Lianne Escher has magically connected 7 diverse Goddesses that relate to each and every woman at all stages of our lives.” — Rosa L., CT

“Finally, a book for everyday Goddesses who walk on mortal ground. And I’m happy I know a few!” — Rob D., CT

“Now I understand the impatience in me – it comes from Artemis! S— Sarah U., MA

“A healing validation through the wisdom of 7 magnificent Goddesses.” — Sami P., O

“Whether you were Athena the Goddess of War at 17 or Artemis the Hunter at 75, Lianne Escher’s book A Mythic Sisterhood opens a window into the psyche connecting every woman to each of her 7 diverse aspects of personal power.” — Harriet C., MA

“Now I recognize that when Persephone drags me into the Underworld, I’m in for a very bad day! And I find the courage to flip into ‘opportunity’ mode, shift outdated patterns. No longer a Victim.” — Wanda R., WA

“A golden tapestry of woven wisdom from Aphrodite, Artemis, Persephone, Athena, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia – talk about girl’s night out! Those classes were awesome fun, everyone telling their stories!” — Gay S., CT

“The Aphrodite in me knows how to turn down the heat, and I’m looking to see what other different experiences I can have beyond the boudoir!” — Suzanne T., NY

“Open the wine, drop into a bed of fluffy pillows, and embark on a healing journey as 7 wise Goddesses illuminate the ups and downs of your life’s journey.” — Dell D., NY

“At last, the Goddesses have arrived to answer questions about strengths and limits you were always seeking! They teach us how to stay on top of our game.” — Susie J., MA

“Thanks to Hera, now I love swimming in the tidal currents of marriage with Zeus, taking more space in the relationship just for me!” — Payton T., NJ

“Did you ever think living a parallel life with the Greek Goddess Athena was possible? Was Artemis looking on after that bad breakup? It was her strength that pulled me through.” — Nancy S., CO

“Lianne Escher’s book A Mythic Sisterhood will explain how each Goddess connects with the daily lives of women and how to recognize the divine patterns that make us the Goddesses we are today. Their energies are archetypal, so it’s easier to see them in others and connect!” — Ronda E., NJ

“ Lianne Escher teaches us that every time we take a risk or embark on a new venture, one of seven Goddess archetypes enters our lives to help us recognize new patterns as we evolve. I had no idea it was the energy of Athena I called upon during the upheaval in my life, and somehow calming Hestia showed up to put everything back on track. She helped me let go of unnecessary attachments.” — Sally P., MA

“This is your chance to find out who the Goddess is in you! Find out how you can honor Persephone, if it’s her, when you’re having a bad hair day!” — Carol D., CT

“Find out which Goddesses are the strongest in you, and deepen your personal power.” — Joy D., NJ

“Calling all Goddesses…If ever a book was made for a circle of book club reader’s – This is it!” — Darlene P., CT

“I’m no longer thinking my mother was the boring one of my parents. Thanks to Athena, I can finally appreciate her feminine wisdom and use it to guide me in making changes in the marketplace.” — Trudy G., CT

“Secretly I always felt the Goddess Hestia was quietly guiding me along life’s highway. Lianne Escher’s book A Mythic Sisterhood gave me permission to invite assertive Athena in!” — Carolyn F., CT

“Break open the wine and read it out loud with your own circle of Goddesses today! “ — Patti P., CT

“This is the best book for women stepping out on their journey. She’ll ‘get’ all the changes and adventures she’ll encounter along the way. “ — Sally F., CT

“Lianne Escher has become one of the strongest voices for women’s spiritually today. Her timely book A Mythic Sisterhood allows women of all ages to discover who they are by understanding the characteristics of 7 Greek Goddesses who’s lives often parallel our own.” — Ruth D., NJ

“OH My Goddess! I love Lianne Escher’s book A Mythic Sisterhood – from the wisdom of Aphrodite, Artemis, Persephone, Hera, Athena, and Hestia each of us will learn who we were, who we are and who we are about to become. What a treasure!” — Dawn S., NM

“Lianne Escher summons the Goddesses to help women recognize how much our lives truly are supported by the wisdom of the Goddesses. In her new book A Mythic Sisterhood you will discover how each of her 7 Goddess archetypes parallel our own life experiences. Through the recognition of these patterns our self-discovery begins and our divine spiritually blossoms. “ — Nance S., CO

“A New Sisterhood is dawning, and Lianne Escher is leading the way! In her new book “A Mythic Sisterhood”, Escher gives us an exciting physiological view of how our greatest moments as well as disappointment’s mirror the stories of 7 Greek Goddess. The time has come to take your sister by hand and find your inner Goddess.” — Kelleigh T., NM

“My introvert nature is encouraged by Hestia. Now I love being alone to ‘ponder’, reflect and be creative.” — Beebs T., CO

A Mythic Sisterhood reads as though Lianne Escher were in the room, coaching me along the way. Love it! “ — Lynn W., CT

“A New Sisterhood is dawning, and Lianne Escher is leading the way!” — Sheila T., CT