The Nurturer

“Fiercely protective,” is that your style? If so, you could be influenced by Demeter. She’s the goddess of the beautiful harvest and has a nurturing spirit. Earthy to the core. Vegetarians love her. Women who want to get pregnant revere her powers of fertility. If Demeter is your inner goddess, you are spiritually nurturing to family, friends and even strangers – but watch out. Is your life on hold?

A Demeter sacrifices for others from a powerful full heart until burnout sets in – perhaps even depression. But if you invoke her protective power, the desire to reinvent yourself returns. Demeter teaches you how to encounter yourself differently through new experiences. You’ll learn how to set up boundaries. Connect with your youthful spirit. Become pregnant with your own possibilities.

CLICK HERE to listen to Lianne Escher read excerpts from A MYTHIC SISTERHOOD The Goddess Way to Courage, Clarity & Grace.